Operation Shields Up


Founded in March 2020
Created to aid in the shortage of PPE for the healthcare workers.

We worked with a local medical society club to get nonprofit status and for triaging the supplies.

Shields are sent out for FREE, everything is donation and volunteer based efforts.

March 2020: We started with 1000 shields within a week, between multiple engineers joining on the project, everyone finally finalized with the set design we’re working with and making. Cranking non-stop on 4 laser cutters and 15 on site 3D printers running day and night between 2 office locations (Midtown Sacramento and Rocklin).

April 2020: We reach 10k shields, many local healthcare facilities are starting to have their needs met, we start helping out with broadening our efforts to other cities. We start moving our operations to a different facility in Rocklin, CA.

May 2020: Over 25k shields made, packaged, and sent out. With local demands met, we’ve started shipping them out to necessary locations whether within CA or out of state.